Writing Romance, with Kris Waldherr

Ever fantasize about writing a romance novel? You’re not alone! Thanks to Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” new audiences are discovering—and penning—this most comforting of literary genres. In this morning workshop for new romance writers, as well as writers interested in incorporating romantic elements into their fiction or narrative non-fiction, we’ll cover the core ingredients that go into creating a satisfying romance: character development; plot structure; genre tropes; reader expectations; and “sizzle” levels. 

Along the way, inspiring generative writing prompts will get you started in writing a romance of your own. No previous romance writing experience required. Participants should come equipped with tools for writing and a desire to learn and have fun. Handouts and recommended reading list included.

This workshop will be held online.

October 1, 2022, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ($75)

Kris Waldherr is the author of numerous books for adults and children including Bad Princess, Doomed Queens, The Book of Goddesses. Her debut novel The Lost History of Dreams (Atria Books) received a Kirkus-starred review and was named a CrimeReads Best Book of 2019. She is also the creator of several tarot and oracle decks including The Goddess Tarot, which has over a quarter of a million copies in print. Waldherr has been working with the tarot for over thirty years. Learn more at KrisWaldherr.com.

Kris Waldherr