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Dori gave a thorough reading of my manuscript, commenting with smart, considered responses throughout.  Needless to add, I soaked up the many positive things she said about my writing.  But, more importantly, she pointed out difficulties I had not seen and offered valuable insights and incisive suggestions.  Her participation has vastly improved my book!  I am grateful for her kind, intelligent and insightful attention.

— Leslie Nyman

Are you just starting to write, or adding the final touches to your third draft?  Discovering the seed of an idea, or holding the heavy manuscript in your hands? Whether you’re a published writer or a beginner, consulting with a supportive editor/mentor can relieve writers’ isolation and help bring your projects to the next level.  Individual mentoring gives structure and support to the arduous process of completing a draft.  And a professional manuscript critique provides the necessary insights for a successful revision.

Dori has worked individually with dozens of writers–both amateurs and professionals, providing structure, inspiration, professional advice and editorial guidance.  Many of Dori’s clients (including Dusty Miller, Alison Smith, Ruth Lehrer, JoAnne Jones, Steve Bernstein, Ellen Meeropol, Kris Holloway, Janine Roberts, Dinah Mack, Rosie McMahan, Carol Paul (and many others) have gone on to complete their manuscripts and become published writers.  This is powerful work that gets books launched!

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