Resistant Writers’ Support Group, with Dori Ostermiller

You know the feeling all too well: the excitement of a new project has worn off, and stubborn resistance has set in.  You want to make progress with your writing! You want to get the book (or story, or essay or collection or dissertation or revision) done, but somehow you can’t wrestle yourself down to the desk. Or you do manage to get your seat in the chair, but the work feels impenetrable, dull, impossible… You’re overcome by a sense of futility or fatigue. You’re worried you might hurt someone. You wonder if you have anything to say.

We all know that resistance takes many forms but is really fear in disguise. Fear of failure.  Fear of the uphill slog. Fear of vulnerability or exposure, And the only thing that helps most writers overcome that fear is having a schedule, manageable goals, and the support of other writers. That’s why I’ve created the Resistant Writers’ Support Group. For three hours a week, writers will come together online to blast through resistance and get the work done. Each session will start with a brief check-in, an inspiring quote or craft tip and a selection of imaginative prompts to get you rolling.  Then, we’ll write together for two hours (!), after which there is another quick check in to share successes/progress and set a weekly intention, creating accountability and support.  Minimal sharing/feedback.  This group is perfect for anyone with a longer writing project who craves productive writing time, accountability, inspiration, and encouragement.  ONLINE

Mondays, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.; 7-week summer session begins July 10th ($285) 

Dori Ostermiller, MFA, is the founding director of Writers in Progress.  Her debut novel, Outside the Ordinary World (MIRA, 2010) was an Indie Best pick and an MLA must-read.  Her work has appeared in many literary journals, including The Bellingham Review, Alligator Juniper, Bellowing Ark, Peregrine, Calliope, Roanoke Review, Chautauqua Literary Journal, The American, The Massachusetts Review and Rumpus, among others. Dori has worked for over two decades as a professional editor, and has taught literature and writing at many area colleges and universities. She is the recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist’s Fellowship and a Tobias Wolf Fiction award, among others.