Spinning Your Gold—Turning Family/Local History into Fiction, with Susanne Dunlap


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Do you have a family story to tell? Are you wondering where to start, what to do if  all you have is rumors and hearsay to go on—and whether there’s really a story to tell? In this full-day-long workshop, we’ll tackle all these questions, and more. Using the Mini Blueprint, we’ll start by sketching out the basics of what makes a compelling story arc. Then we’ll discuss research techniques, and how to be true to a period when you have few facts to go on—or how to sort through an abundance of facts to get to the actual story. And then I’ll introduce you to a powerful tool, the Inside Outline, and get you started with it so you can hit the ground running as you map out the essential structure of your story. This solid day of work can set you well on your way to writing that story that’s been niggling at you.