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The Psychology of Setting

by author Jacqueline Sheehan As writers of narrative, it’s easy to get so caught up with character and plot that we sometimes lose track of where our stories take place, why it matters, and how we might use that place in order to amplify the tension in our stories, develop character psychology, create mood and fully engage the reader.  Without …


Writing a Memoir? You’ll Need a Book Proposal

with Susanne Dunlap If you’re hoping to get a traditional publishing contract for the memoir you’ve been working on for years, the one thing that can help you stand out above the legions of memoirists submitting to agents is to create a polished, professional book proposal. Wait, what? You probably know that nonfiction books—self-help, instructional, motivational, etc.—are sold on proposal, …


Overcoming Overwhelm: Using Theme as a Tool to Focus your Memoir

by Cathy Luna I’m going to tell you a secret. Last summer, when I’d been working on my memoir for about five years, I complained to a writer friend that I was feeling overwhelmed by my project, awash in all the scraps and scenes and stories I had written in workshops and collected in a Scrivener ‘project’ (the digital equivalent …


Why you should embrace the concept of structure instead of dreading it

  By Susanne Dunlap Structure. Even the word sounds unapproachable. It’s full of hard edges and unfriendly, closed “u’s.” But that’s probably not the reason many writers shudder when they think of structure in relation to their work. Google “structure in fiction,” or “structure in memoir,” and you get a gazillion prescriptive articles and essays and even whole books. You’ll …