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Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Historical Novel

by Susanne Dunlap Planning ahead is especially important when you’re writing a historical novel—whether it’s based on family or local history or anything else. Why? Because there are plenty of research rabbit holes and world-building pitfalls you can avoid, or at least mitigate, if you’ve thought through the broad strokes first. That doesn’t mean you can’t follow your instincts and …


Image Conscious

by Michael Mercurio A good image will ensure that your work is enjoyable. A great image will ensure that your work is unforgettable. But what does it take to create a great image for your piece of writing? And what is “imagery,” anyway? Perhaps most closely associated with poetry—at least in the world of writing!—my basic definition of imagery is …


Writing and Pitching Non-fiction Essays; an Interview with author Kenneth R. Rosen

by Dori Ostermiller This month, we are thrilled to welcome Kenneth Rosen, who will be offering his two-part intensive workshop on pitching and writing nonfiction articles and essays.  Ken, a two-time finalist for the Livingston Award in international reporting, is a contributing writer to WIRED, a frequent contributor to The New York Times, and a columnist for Inkstick. His work has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York …


Efforts of Importance

by Sarah Earle I vividly remember the atmosphere of one of my first creative writing workshops.  I was nineteen, in college in Montreal, Quebec, with a now long-dead professor, his raft of gray hair yellowed by cigarette smoke.  It was cold outside (it was always cold outside) and unreasonably hot inside, and the mix of windowless conference room and sweaty …