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If you don’t want anyone to read your book, you can stop right here

By Susanne Dunlap We all write for a number of reasons—because we love it; because we’re compelled to do it; because we have something important to say; because it gives us deep satisfaction. And it’s a huge accomplishment to have finished a book and have it published, whether it’s through a big-5 contract, an independent press, or self-publishing. We should …


The Truth About Time

What is it about writers and time? The number one complaint that I hear from other writers, and also inside my own head, is there is never enough time for writing. It seems, as a species, writers lack time more than any other commodity–maybe even more than self-confidence. But is it really true? I remember a few years ago, in …


Scenes – Not Just for Screenwriters, with author Susanne Dunlap

Everyone is familiar with the idea of a scene. In a movie, scenes are pretty much all there is. A movie is made up of scene after scene after scene. Writing prose is different, though. In prose, you have the ability to write in both scenes and narration. What’s the difference? Scenes are where you bring your story to life. …


When it Comes to Keeping a Notebook, Process is All There is

Tzivia Gover, MFA, author of The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep, and Joy in Every Moment. Some writers have collections of journals that stand at attention in neat rows on shelves ticking off the years book by book. I have a ragtag collection of hardbound artist sketchbooks or whatever blank book I’ve rummaged from the sales shelves at bookstores, or that …