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A Constellation Twinned With Mine: Music as an Inroad to Personal History

by Sarah Browning     I’m drawn to Whitney like a cardinal on a branchin winter            Beauty too bright for camouflage                 Her storya constellation twinned with mine. I love myself            because of her. Our sweet lip sweat sparkling in the flamelight. –From “When I See the Stars in the …


Can You Learn to Write Historical Fiction by Reading It?

by Susanne Dunlap Ultimately, half the joy of writing—for me at least—is reading. I love nothing better than closing a book with wonder and thinking, “I wish I’d written that,” followed by “How on earth did they do it?” and “What can I take away from it that I could apply to my own work?” All writers should first of …


Autofiction: Call it What You Want

By Sarah Earle In the MFA program I attended, I remember people’s shock when a student in the nonfiction track took a fiction class.  This alone was unremarkable, but this student made it known that the prime reason for taking the fiction class was to have a vehicle for interrogating a real-life relationship they were having. In the short stories …


Yes, I Can Write This Book

By Megan Tady Recently, I met up with Dori Ostermiller at the Writers in Progress Studio to discuss my debut novel Super Bloom, and to plan my “pub” day launch event. As I sunk into a comfy, time-worn chair, the early morning sunlight streaming in from those giant mill-building windows, I was catapulted back to 2014 when I first began …