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Poet Sarah Browning, on Alternative Visions

by Cece Roth-Eagle This week, Writers on Writing spoke with Sarah Browning, community organizer and activist poet, where she discusses fighting for pleasure, her poetry collection Killing Summer, and the poetry inside everyone. Her course, “Justice and Joy: Writing Powerful Political Poetry” takes place on Saturday, April 3rd, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  First, I was hoping to focus on …


‘Piñatas at a Funeral’: Meghan Nesmith on Narrative Tone

by Cece Roth-Eagle Writers on Writing is back with Meghan Nesmith, whose course “Writing the Now” takes place on Saturday, March 6th. She discusses the trial and error of developing tone, a great prompt about garbage, and her own novel-in-progress.  When did you feel like you first discovered your voice as a writer? I’m not sure I have discovered my …


A Lifelong Dreamer: Q & A with Tzivia Gover

by Cece Roth-Eagle As part of our new interview series, Writers on Writing, I spoke with Writers in Progress instructor Tzivia Gover about journaling as a tool for creativity. Her course, ‘The Art of Keeping a Journal,’ takes place online on Saturday, February 27.  To start, would you share a memorable entry from your own journal? At 21 I wrote …


Introducing Cece Roth-Eagle!

We are thrilled to introduce Writers in Progress’s new intern, Cece Roth-Eagle, who is a Smith College English major.  Cece is taking a semester off this spring, to avoid online classes, work on her novel-in-progress, and learn more about the field through Writers in Progress! Cece would love to interview some of the writers in our community for a Q&A …