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What the Writer in me Needs, by Kyra Anderson

Music as an Inroad to Personal History, by Sarah Browning

Can You Learn to Write Historical Fiction by Reading it? by Susanne Dunlap

Autofiction: Call it What You Want, by Sarah Earle

Yes, I Can Write This Book, by Megan Tady

From Plumber to Author, Still Just Telling Stories, by Steve Bernstein

Why Weekly Workshops Work!  by Emily Lackey

Not Just a Notebook, by Tzivia Gover

Embracing Failure, by Dori Ostermiller


Discovering the Story Beneath the Story: A Generative Approach to Revision, by Arya Samuelson

Five things to Consider Before Writing Your Historical Novel, by Susanne Dunlap

Image Conscious, by Michael Mercurio

Writing and Pitching Non-fiction Articles: an Interview with Kenneth R. Rosen

Research and Backstory: A Strong Foundation, or a Tangled Web of Trouble, by Jacqueline Sheehan, PhD

What does Psychology Have to do With Fiction, by Jacqueline Sheehan, PhD

Efforts of Importance, with Sarah Earle

It’s About the Love, with Dori Ostermiller


Lower Your Standards, and Keep Going, with Dori Ostermiller

Efforts of Importance, with Sarah Earle

Embracing Habit and Ritual, with Kira Rockwell

Character Need and Desire, with Jacqueline Sheehan

The Moon is a Sensual Rock, with Sarah Browning

Revising Like an Editor, with Michael Mercurio

Tasting Memories, a Q & A with Sarah Earle

Paths to Publishing, with Susanne Dunlap

Sarah Browning, on Alternative Visions Q & A

Pinatas at a Funeral; with Meghan Nesmith on Narrative Tone

A Lifelong Dreamer: Q & A with Tzivia Gover

Introducing Cece Roth-Eagle

Writing By Ear, with Michael Mercurio

Journaling through the Pandemic, with Tzivia Gover 

The Psychology of Setting, with Jacqueline Sheehan


Writing a Memoir?  You’ll Need a Book Proposal, with Susanne Dunlap

Why you should embrace the concept of structure instead of dreading it, with Susanne Dunlap

Getting it Done, with Emily Lackey

Who is Your Ideal Reader? with Susanne Dunlap

Black Writers Matter

Beyond “Happily Ever After”

Behold the Inside Outline, with Susanne Dunlap

If you don’t want anyone to read your book, you can stop right here

The Truth About Time

Breaking the Writing Rules, with Emily Lackey

Scenes – Not Just for Screenwriters, with Susanne Dunlap


When It Comes to Keeping a Notebook… with Tzivia Gover

A Real Writer is Someone who Really Writes

The Research Rabbit Hole, with Susanne Dunlap

Breaking the Writing Rules, with Emily Lackey

Facing the Unknown Together

On Forgiveness

Developing a Reading Practice

See Inside Emily Lackey’s Dialogue Intensive Workshop

How Much Time do we Really Need to Write?

Writing From Life, with guest blogger Emily Lackey

How to Commit to Writing More Regularly in the New Year…


500 Words

Letting Your Field Lie Fallow…

Book Proposals, De-mystified, with guest blogger Kenneth R. Rosen

The Importance of Getting Away

The Power of Live Literature

Time to Write… (Not!) 

What a ‘real writer’ looks like, with guest blogger Emily Lackey

Dreaming on the Page: How Dreams Catalyze Creative Breakthroughs, with guest blogger Tzivia Gover

Need to Stop Procrastinating?  Lower Your Standards! 

Make it So!  Re-Booting our Writing Practice, with guest blogger Diana Gordon


Subtext in Dialogue and in Life

Receptivity, not Productivity

Research for Fiction, with guest Blogger Jacqueline Sheehan

Show Don’t Tell: Overused Advice?

How Long it Really Takes to Find an Agent, Sell a Book and Get Published, with guest blogger Randy Susan Meyers

Working with the Inner Critic

Memoirs Need 3-D Characters Too!


5 Ways to Create a Writing Routine

The Story Only You can Tell, with guest blogger Janet Benton

Overcoming Futility


Renaming Self-discipline

Being Still


Letting Go

Staying the Course

Making Time To Write

Creativity Is Its Own Validation


Facing What We Fear

How Much Do “Real Writers” Write?

How to Come Back From Vacation!

Fiction and Social Change…a Post by WIP Affiliate Ellen Meeropol

Lower Your Standards!

What Do You DO All Day?

Owning Our Stories


Dealing With Praise and Criticism


What’s Essential

Letting Go of Perfection


Good and Bad News About Time…

What Good Writing Should Do…

Repeating Our Parent’s Mistakes

Paths Not Taken

Best Laid Plans and Bloody Paw Prints!

Find Time to Write (As If)

Book Review

Women And Desire

Slugs, Thistles, and Rapture

The Book Launch

The Next Coolest Thing

Four Days Left

On Retreat With Pip

Writing OTOW

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