Owning Our Stories

Originally Posted: May 8, 2012

Last Saturday, Writers in Progress hosted an open house and reading to celebrate the work of the 2010-2011 Manuscript Intensive Series… All five writers are at different stages of writing their books, but the overwhelming sense I had, listening to them read, was that over the course of the year they really had found their stories–after months of following dead ends and circling back, hacking paths through unknown territory, visioning and revisioning…  One writer, MaryAnna, commented that she’d spent the whole year trying to figure out how and where to begin: but now she knows.  It’s beautiful to watch this process unfold, to see people learn to trust the story that wants to reveal itself.  And my experience, after years of leading workshops, is that our stories do reveal themselves, if we are patient, receptive listeners.  If we do the hard, hard work of showing up and stepping out of our own way, not forcing our agenda on the work but letting it take shape, the story does emerge finally, seeming to have been there all along.

Congratulations to these five brave writers!

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