Making Time to Write

Originally Posted: May 26, 2013

Julia Cameron, in her book The Right to Write, says, “The trick to finding writing time is to make time in the life you’ve already got.  Stop imagining some other life as a ‘real’ writer’s life.”  There’s always enough time, she says, but it must sometimes be stolen, like a kiss between lovers on the run…

In the last year while finishing Outside the Ordinary World, I somehow found the will to rise at 5 am, four days a week, though I’m completely allergic to mornings…  I also learned to utilize that untapped “waiting mother” time-during piano lessons, dentist’s appointment, soccer games…

When we love something enough, we find a way to make room for it. The trick is, then, to learn to write from a place of love–for the sheer joy and passion of it.  If we can learn to write what we love, it becomes exponentially easier to show up.

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