Facing What We Fear

Originally Posted: November 25, 2012

“What keeps you from being fully alive is what you are most afraid to go through.”  This quote is from Lawrence McCafferty, a teacher and mystic who understood the transformative power of facing our fears–which is just how writing often feels!  Each step we take as writers is a step into the unknown.  Every time we face the blank page, we’re alone with all that could happen…

What sometimes makes this journey less terrifying is to embark on it with others.  That’s why I feel blessed to do the work I do, offereng a quiet, productive space for groups of writers to take their necessary creative risks, together. Alone, but in the presence of other writers, the isolation becomes more like comradery; the fear turns into something slightly different–something akin to exhileration.

Though this work never really gets easier, it’s comforting to realize that we’re in good company.

Posted by: Dori

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